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2007-10-09 13:39:57 by maddflashDP

imtheonestuka: Hey Ruthie!
starxthree: hmmm?
imtheonestuka: Ã%u0192âEU%u0161Ã,¿?!
imtheonestuka: isnt that your name? O_O
starxthree: yes
starxthree: but
starxthree: did you need somtehing?
imtheonestuka: nope... i just wanted to talk lol xD
imtheonestuka: So, what are you doing?
starxthree: hoemwork
starxthree: wait no
starxthree: i'm writing something
imtheonestuka: lol
imtheonestuka: poetry?
starxthree: naaa
starxthree: a sermon
imtheonestuka: lol that sounds funny :-)
starxthree: why?
imtheonestuka: because, i have never seen a person writting a sermon lol, i mean... i know its not funny, but it is for me =P
starxthree: bshhgfchhhhhhh
imtheonestuka: lol xD you are so funny
starxthree: you are mostly annoying, that's all you are
imtheonestuka: O_O
imtheonestuka: why would you say im annoying?
starxthree: i don't know, because you don't make sense
starxthree: i'm not funny
imtheonestuka: yeah you are! im really serious... your profile informations like: asasdsdfasfaf, lol... you are funny for that, but im not annoying for writting no sense... i think... i just dont know a lot of english :/
starxthree: where you from?
imtheonestuka: Buenos Aires
imtheonestuka: Argentina
starxthree: "asgadgdsgjfh" and whatnot are just signs of my frustrations
starxthree: neet
imtheonestuka: wow... i thought you was acting like funny writting that in your messages O_O
imtheonestuka: Can i ask you what do you think of KK and UU? i mean, i know you probably hate them, but i mean, personally... dont think on the wars
starxthree: i don't know what the crap UU is
starxthree: and KK is lame and unfunny
imtheonestuka: UU is like the Glock Group, but worst
starxthree: i gotta run, man
starxthree: see yaa
imtheonestuka: cya!

lol post


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2007-10-09 14:21:08

Whoa, Black Betty


2007-10-09 17:59:33

Movin through the country gonna eat a lot of peaches.


2007-10-21 10:09:36



2007-10-28 19:05:08

aaah i wanted to let u know that u suck man.. no no seriously your an idiot, have a very awful day now ya hear? ;)
P.S: u suck man.. really u do i mean u suck my shit:D

maddflashDP responds:

you just made me hard im jerking off right now oh yeah.



2007-11-07 05:06:52

Now I remember why talking with you online was so damn fun


2008-07-16 01:53:56

starxthree: and KK is lame and unfunny

Oh the irony


2008-08-15 18:09:32

hahahahahaaaa i found this by googling my screenname and i totally have don't remember that this conversation ever took place


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